Parenting can bring you up to 40 yrs

Parenting can bring you up to 40 yrs

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Newer expansions are expected in the case of child-worthy periods of service. From 2020, the length of the adoption fee will also be taken into account as the qualifying period for qualifying retirement.

In 2019 a new period was added to the recognition of child-related service periods, and in 2020 a new extension will be added, according to on
Childbirth alone has only one effect on the length of service and on this holiday: the actual length of service acquired by the mother must be increased by 365 days (550 days in the case of a sick child with a disability) to 1 January 1968.Parenting can bring you up to 40 yrs During January this year, the number of child-rearing periods eligible for maternity leave, -jйtхl bevezetйsre kerьlх цrцkbefogadуi dнj folyуsнtбsбnak idхtartamбval, melybхl szintйn will involve nyugdнjjбrulйkot.A gyermeknevelйsi ellбtбsok jelentхs rйszйt not only the mother but also the father can igйnybe, нgy the apбknak also take vehetх szolgбlati idхt jelentenek.A nagyszьlхk and take some of the ellбtбsokat igйnybe szьlхk instead, if the grandparent is still not rested, then the length of care that helps the grandparent and the new grandparent can take advantage of the grandparent's allowance. probationary period.In 40 cases, women with a full period of service earning or earning a child are of great significance.If they are entitled to a period of earning reaches 37 years but less than 40 years, the distressed period can be extended with parenting. From 2019 onwards, the duration of the childcare allowance for children is taken into account, and from 2020 onwards, the duration of the adoption allowance is taken into account. before January 1, qualifying for a qualifying period of service, a qualifying period of insurance or a qualifying period of thirty years of service.
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