Szülés - The exit phase

Szülés - The exit phase

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There are mutilations, and there is hardly a break, and the stomach is working with unprecedented power as if it did not belong to us. At the same time, the cavity disappears at the extremity, thereby opening the fetus to five.

The exit phase is very busy

By this time, everything is ready for the baby to be born. The bee opened to give way to the arrival. Yes, the body is ready. But what about the souls? By the time the baby reaches the end of the term, something will end in the air. She breaks down with all the happiness, burden and responsibility of motherhood. The baby is the indomitable joy of freedom, independence for the time being. There are no more mothers protecting it. The warmth of the body, the gentle rolling of the body, the steady arrival of diets, the unusual stimuli from the world, and the struggle for life begins.Not only is it hard for the body to let go of the baby that is coming - if they wear something, so do the souls! It is no wonder that many women stop short in the last minute before the withdrawal period. In this case, the birth may stop easily. It is often at this time that the realization that this kid is coming to life is really over! Here! We will live this time!

Kourrhazi customs

In the textbooks of nursing, it takes an average of thirty to thirty minutes to complete the extension phase. If you are close to sixty minutes, most surgeons in the head will think about some beavatkozбs even if the fetus is good and the mother feels good, too. Initially, the ejaculation phase was at the very tip of the egg, that is, by about ten inches, and the fetus can now pass "freely" through the "baby" canal. The vaginal muscle fascinates the baby who is now shrink to a minimum. The babies do not accidentally call the baby a "fetal cylinder." The beginning of the ejection phase changes the nature of the concussion, the young woman feels an irresistible force of tracing. In hospital practice, the pregnant woman is then moved into the living room and brought to a supine, semi-upright or upright position, and then asked to bend her legs and press her high. It starts with the so-called "Nyomatбs", the obstetrician will dictate the respiratory rate, the length and frequency of the pressure. Most often, infections with oxytocin are used to resuscitate or accelerate the slow process. However, this is an obstacle-free and dangerous intervention according to the birth textbooks. The gбtra this case multiple йs continuous nyomбs rests, which sometimes lead to sъlyos gбtsйrьlйsekhez, the fetus is kerьlhet kцnnyen oxigйnhiбnyos бllapotba as a continuous nyomбs hatбsбra the kцldцkzsinуr бllandуan megfeszьl, and this akadбlyozza free vйrбramlбst if the kцldцkzsinуr leszorнtуdik the fбjбsok kцzben.Kцzben the the effect of pushing the fetus descends into the vagina, and then the printing press becomes more determined. The dams are beginning to rise, and the fetal head is seen. When the baby's skull is not restored even during the period of concussion, the cut is performed. The proportion of obstetric incisions in natal practice in Hungary is ninety percent, but the mother can always count on her at first birth. Following the incision, the head of the fetus is lifted, then the eyelid first and then the shoulder blade. For the next push, the rest of the newborn will be slightly reduced.


In this case, the baby is often still slightly blue in color, and his body is covered with fetal bones, and his head is extended due to the lengthy "journey" spent in the birth canal. The nape of the newborn's throat and nose is removed, a special eye drop is applied to the eyes, and then the cord is cut. Most babies start crying out of their throats. The strength of the congestion is significantly reduced.World insertion of the mucosa helps the doctor to start rubbing the abdominal wall, thereby stimulating the congestion. Oxytocin is also often added in the middle. The leaf is printed by the doctor or the obstetrician, although the cord is sometimes smaller or larger. They check if the cake is missing, because it is still there even the smallest piece of buttermilk adhering to the wall can cause inflammation and bleeding.After all a sewing a barn follows, which is done in local anesthesia. In the meantime, the newborn is measured, bathed and replenished. I changed my heart when and how long her little mother could receive it now.


Nowadays, in Hungary, there are some birthing agencies where the helpers act in accordance with this consensus, and they intervene in the natural process only when necessaryif the mother or the fetus is the cause. The section vйgйn tбgulбsi often йszlelhetх megtorpanбs a kind that can take akбr tцbb уrбig, this szemlйletrendszerben mйgsem kцvetkezik ebbхl any beavatkozбs if the mother of the fetus йs йs jуl van.A fertхzйsveszйlyt certain higiйnйs szabбlyok betartбsбval excess belsх vizsgбlatok kerьlik in mellхzйsйvel. The risk of infection is also lower because, under natural conditions, the envelope tends to burst at the start of the withdrawal period. (If it hasn't cracked long before the blemishes start.) In traditional hospital practice, the sleeve is usually broken by three or more fingers. fetal reflex is indicated by. This is evidenced by the change in the behavior of the butterfly, the sting displayed between the jaws. There is no rule regarding the length of time for the exit phase to take place. If the mother and the fetus are well, it can take anything. Even then, a parent can take on any posture, no one will be involved in it because, according to experience women are desperate to choose the position that is most comfortable, the least painful, and which, for all these reasons, is most conducive to the smooth flow of childbirth.In such circumstances, women are most rarely found lying down with their feet raised. Crouching, kneeling, sideways, lying posture, and many descending to the face are much more common. When the dam starts to rise, the fetal head is kept for a short time when he would come across the ravine with the greatest distraction, so that he would not fall so suddenly. The Ghats muscles move so slowly, so there is no need for a cut. However, small births can still occur, which are passed on after the birth of the baby. After birth, the mother receives her newborn baby. It is only when the baby needs it that he or she needs it. The cord should only be terminated if it is no longer urgent, so that it has completed its operation. The baby is like that for a while it also receives oxygen through the cord, there is no moment left without the trigger. Slowly, gradually, you can get on the lame, mother-independent breathing… It would be ideal for a baby to welcome newborn babies when they are on holiday. Long-lasting (not just a few minutes) body contact because they are both very good for you. During the natural process of childbirth, the woman produces hormones in her body that lead to instinctive maternal behavior. Interventions could break this consensus.Related Articles:
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