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Chronic throat? It can also be caused by stomach acid

Chronic throat? It can also be caused by stomach acid

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It may also indicate a stomach acid problem if you have a sore throat for a long time, and nighttime and morning cramps.

Chronic throat? It can also be caused by stomach acidDr. Hidvegie Edit gastroenterologist, lung cancer doctor at the Buda Allergy Center also points out that untreated reflux worsens asthma symptoms.

Stomach acid and passages

The passages of food through the esophagus to the stomach are blocked by the stomach, which prevents the return of stomach contents. If this sphincter does not function well, the acidic gastric juice, when returned to the esophagus, irritates the sensitive mucosa of the mucous membrane. Patients may feel this pain in the throat area or even in the throat. The name of the disease also refers to this process, the phenomenon being called reflux - reflux.

You have symptoms

Some people have reflux causing gastrointestinal pain, possibly flatulence, acid burping - list the signs of the disease dr. Hidvégi Edit. Sometimes the acid comes up into the throat, into the mouth, causing an acidic, bitter taste. In many cases, the symptoms are ambiguous and refer to other illnesses. Untreated reflux can also cause hoarseness, chronic throat pain, night-time morning cough and sore chest pain.

Asthma and reflux

Symptoms of two illnesses often co-occur. Studies have shown that reflux symptoms can be seen in about 60-70% of asthma patients. Asthma and reflux are linked in many ways: reflux throat / pharynx stimulation can cause coughing. This increases pressure in the abdomen, which increases reflux - a bad turn. In addition, certain drugs used in asthma help relieve gastric closure, provoking reflux.

Stagnation, throat

In addition to asthma, reflux may also play a role in the development of the following diseases: chronic bronchitis, chronic cough and inflammation of the nasal passages. In the throat, stomach acid can cause acidic, bitter stomach and bad breath, and can also cause hoarseness and inflammation of the mouth.

When to see a doctor?

Gastric pancreas can also appear after consuming more fatty, spicy food and alcohol. The problem arises when the complaints come back, they stop. We can choose a temporary solution to the symptoms without the prescription of antacids, for a longer period of time, or however, in the event of severe complaints, it is worth asking for professional help - recommended by the doctor of the Buda Allergy Center.In addition to personalized medication, the doctor will provide the patient with nutrition and lifestyle tips. Recognizing in a timely manner, not only can the proper treatment be used to prevent the occurrence of respiratory disease, but also to reduce the risk of developing an esophageal cancer that can be aggravated by the disease.Related articles in Gastric acid:
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