Don't miss it! Children's Marcz!

Don't miss it! Children's Marcz!

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We'll give you a quick rundown of joining early on whoever you want! The Kхketбnc in Autumn starts!

Play together with music - it's hard to imagine better!

Even the smallest sell!

They've been outnumbered by a generation since they passed away at the age of three who dropped into the first children's library in their infancy. But luckily, there are always the little ones and the "new ones," so every Sunday the floor is dusted while the musicians cheer.
In addition to songs and dances, the Hungarian Native Children's Games featuring children, live Moldavian and Gyimesi music are full of songs, trivia, tales, tales. What is especially exciting now is that the 3-7 year-olds can make friends with the festive traditions associated with the famous days from 10 am to 12 pm on Sundays. Whenever possible, the children are involved in the programs and occasional storytelling celebrates the dances. On the sixth of November, a corncrake, on the 13th is the day of the goose, of course, in honor of the warm-hearted soldier, Saint Martin. December 4th is the main request: Is there a good kid here, is there a bad kid here? The Mikulabs are coming! On December 11 and 18, the Adventist playground is a bit big and big.

Fira of Apbruul

Location: Marczibbányi Square Cultural Center
1022 Budapest, Marczibбnyi tér 5 / A
Belépх: 600 Ft / person; family ticket: 500 Ft / person
Families with a NOE tag can visit the programs for $ 300 per person.
Information: Eszter Zoltбn (06 70 335 6284; [email protected])