What do you need to know about tandem breastfeeding?

What do you need to know about tandem breastfeeding?

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The question is asked more and more whether a baby should be selected if the mother is pregnant. And what if the newborn came to life?

In our culture, breastfeeding siblings of all ages seems to be a pretty darn good thing. We recommend that you divorce as soon as you get pregnant - irrespective of your mother's condition and your baby's age. She doesn't even realize that after her baby is born, both children can continue to suckle.
Breastfeeding for siblings is not uncommon in some Asian countries, but it can now be encountered in Western societies. This practice is called tandem breastfeeding.

Not obligatory, but not prohibited

There may be countless good reasons for the separation of your baby at the time of another pregnancy. Anyone who is averse to it is better to stop breastfeeding. It is very important that it is not the expectation of the maternal environment that determines the future, but that it makes its own decision.
You must not breast-feed during pregnancy if:
  • the previous baby was premature;
  • being banned from marrying due to premature birth or miscarriage of a young mother;
  • feel sick or bleeding during breastfeeding;
  • even after the first few weeks of fatigue, weight does not begin to increase.
  • Blessed or are you?

    Of course, breastfeeding two children puts more strain on our body, but it's not nearly as infrequent as you first seem. Twins can be fed exclusively with breast milk for months. No one is upset when someone takes a sibling with their child. It is to the same extent that a person who is breastfeeding will continue to germinate and will not divorce a larger child after childbirth.
    Of course, in all cases special attention should be given to balanced diet. Because we are all different, it is possible for a mother to feel tired and anxious about breastfeeding, along with her pregnancy, and she also thinks that it is important.
    Breastfeeding also encourages your mother to sit down for a few quarters a day, lie down in a comfortable bed, and catch up with her baby in a steady rush. It is often possible to soothe and sleep the toddler with the help of breastfeeding, so the expectant mother has a better chance of having a night of sleep.

    The child can decide

    It can happen that - although we would continue to breastfeed willingly - the kid rejects the breastbecause it changes the composition of breast milk. The pregnant woman's organization is geared to the needs of the newborn - she begins to produce colostrum. Milk in the fourth month is mostly diminishing, and there are babies who stop breastfeeding because of it. It is also possible that the toddler will grow up to need breastfeeding during the pregnancy and pass the baton to the baby.

    Sometimes the big one gives up on the little one

    It is not uncommon for a child who has been selected a few months before birth to ask again when she sees the newborn suckling. It means more than anything, "I want to know if you love me as much as you do!" It's best to "give permission" at this time. He will almost certainly not suckle regularly if we do not encourage him, but he will be tired of knowing that he is not forbidden from paradise.

    The most common problems

    Rarely, but it happens to be a mother full breastfeeding. In such cases, it is not easy to decide to divorce the baby, since it is so small. Unfortunately, in addition to the transitional pressures of the first few months, the amount of milk will drop and the baby's development will be unsatisfactory. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to supplement the baby - before the age of half, recommended by the pediatrician, followed by age-appropriate steaks, fruits, cereals.
    You don't have to stop breastfeeding - the milk you produce is very valuable, and the proximity and safety of breastfeeding are important to both of you. An older child will be consuming more and more supplementary diets by himself, in which case the reduction in the amount of milk will not be a problem.
    Many women consider their breasts more sensitive during pregnancy, which can cause pain during breastfeeding. If the pain is within the tolerance range, continue breastfeeding, try different postures, and possibly reduce the duration and frequency of breastfeeding. If it is still unbearable, you should gradually divorce the baby.
    Many people experience mild cough during breastfeeding. The bee is in fact constantly at work, among its contractions one is stronger, the rest cannot be felt. Affiliations work on the effects of breastfeeding and sexual intercourse. This does not cause premature birth if the mother is not at risk.

    Grief, childbirth, childbirth

    As the effect of breastfeeding becomes more intense, the labor progresses better. If the pregnant mother can do the same with her child during the pregnancy and breastfeeding, she can safely let the big one go. She is far from her mother in Kurdish. In this case, you can get a little suckling, making love during your visit.
    This can be especially helpful for the mother if her breasts are full and her baby is not breastfeeding much. When family is together again, a rather bleak era begins, as the challenges of life are hard to suck on now, to suck on mamma more than usual.
    Gradually, breastfeeding practices are developed that are appropriate for the particular family: it turns out that for the mother, two small breastfeeding together or you are comfortable all of your children as desired letting it go to the breast, possibly restricts high breastfeeding for certain periods of the day or for certain situations (eg falling asleep). Any solution is acceptable, the only thing that we do is to get on with our everyday life and not to feel the situation.

    The most common queries

    Will I have enough milk for all of them?
    The mother's body produces as much milk as it needs, in the first few weeks, perhaps more. If you are anxious about getting enough milk or not satisfied with your baby's weight loss, limit the size of the breastfeeding or let it go to the breast only when it is small.
    Should I breastfeed both of them or should they have their "own side"?
    For newborns and young babies, it is very important that you turn to the right once, sometimes from the left side. Thus, the stimuli needed for development are symmetrically acquired. If you have access to both, you can be sure that you will get enough milk.
    Do I have to take special purity measures when I breastfeed all of my children?
    By default, there is no need for this, just daily normal cleaning, bathing and showering. Children are living in the same environment, and they are both likely to be caught in the family when they are breastfeeding, whether or not they are breastfeeding one after the other. The fungal infection is out! If a small soapbox comes home from the hospital, the mouth and breast should be treated. In this case, wash your breast before the big breastfeeding.
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