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Esther's Diary - Week 27 Welcome!

Esther's Diary - Week 27 Welcome!

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Esther's Diary - Week 27 Welcome!

Curled tummy, tight clothes… It's time for some good turquoise, baby linen can wait a bit!

I woke up this morning to the phone alarm and at the moment of waking up I thought again that I had to get up because I was going to give birth. These nerve wracking are the remnants of the university period, when we learned nights in the exam period, and when we wake up at dawn, after a maximum of two hours of sleep, we can go on our first exam. Interestingly, and for me, it is absolutely clear that there is an emotional similarity to one's parenthood: one half or one more year of study, if you succeed. I have doubts about whether it is normal to compare a parent to an exam, but since I have never been to it, let me know.

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

We went to barley to go turkish. Because you are turkish! It is known that Turkish, better-known second-handers glow in the old-fashioned glow of today, which many people call the economic good. Of course, this is also true, although we can buy new clothes at similar prices, but unfortunately the result is much simpler. And not only men love to hunt, but so do we. Who's that, who's that. The big meetings that are often with cool new clothes will never be understood by others. When in a moment you are in love and feel it immediately, it is worth starting out in symbiosis. Of course, it takes patience, a little routine and not least a good place to go. In a crappy place, there are crappy stuff. Then we can spend half a day in the clothes, then we find nothing usable. We and Bari now had to update our wardrobe because of our big belly, and now because the weather is getting hotter, it's getting more fun. For the first time, I filled my cart with twenty kicks, affectionately and eloquently telling each other how cute and how old I was just putting my baby clothes in my shopping cart. Then we passed on to the women's section, and among the many colored, cut, trimmed, lined and batik summer dresses, the dense, full-bodied maternal feelings suddenly disappeared, and nowhere sad! chick bought me. As my financial resources were limited, I had to make two decisions, and I was lured by the selection and testing. I didn't hesitate a lot, threw back baby clothes and chose summer clothes (and how well I did!). Bari laughed at the sudden turn, and I don't think I should explain, and I still have time to buy the baby. Because we're pregnant, we're still women. Sхt! Each male should note that he is making a balanced female gold.
The excess weight is also high during pregnancy. I have no idea what it is that makes them drink, it makes public what they eat, but for example, I barely have a taste for it, I have one all day long. I can imagine that this will also change from pregnancy to baby. I put my guts on my body in a very consolidated way, so far I can have 7-8 pounds extra, and I have the surplus on my stomach (belly), so I use my old jeans without any problems (I lower my belly like carpets). Weight is just as easy a request for women, but pregnant, I get it, the baby is loose, because it is another condition, many people eat more, is restricted or restricted. I really miss sports, and as my stomach grows, I don't have much room for muscle mass. The shed is my base, as far as I can go, on foot, which has had the effect of opening my outer arm a bit. After that, Giza checks, like a prisoner, how much I carry and how much I walk. You can also review your flight, like airport taxis, and if you think something (!) Is superfluous, it will be removed. Funny fuck this Giza. And now he's tired, because it's easy to walk around with me every day, because if you don't come with me (and don't check), who knows how many kilometers I get home ...