Here's the trick if your kid is not willing to eat green

Here's the trick if your kid is not willing to eat green

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If your child is not fond of the green, it is worth hiding the green next to their favorite food, and it is also useful for the parent to eat the same thing as the child.

What do you do if your child does not eat green?

According to Loughborough University staff, it is also an effective way to reward a child with a green food reward that may not feed: for example, stickers. "Of course, you don't have to force anything, weak misconductit is important that the child tastes less popular food. That's how he gets to know new ones, "he says Dr. Emma Haycraft, a staff member at the university. Professionals have been studying more than seven different studies, all of which deal with how to educate children on a healthy meal. One study looked at 135 families who, two weeks later, gave a kid a raw vegetable that he didn't like. It turned out that the most effective method was to he meets the groom regularly, even if he is not fond of it at first. Most of the time, after a few months, the child spontaneously loves that food. .Related Articles:
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