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It turns out why overweight toddlers are more prone to diabetes

It turns out why overweight toddlers are more prone to diabetes

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If the hormone leptin is exposed to the fetus inside the womb, it is less likely to develop type 2 diabetes in the future, according to a study.

It turns out that many overweight mothers have children with diabetes

Leptin is found in fat cells and helps to balance the body's energy levels. However, the too much leptin can have adverse effects on the fetusif the development is exposed to its effects at some stage - the mouse experiments prove it. Research published in the Cell Reports company a leptin one such causes permanent changes in the development of neurons that affect the brain's pancreas, which disturbs your insulin levels so that it can be detected even in adulthood. It is the pancreas that releases insulin, and insulin affects the level of glucose (glucose). Lack of adequate insulin levels can lead to diabetes.
The leptin levels of overweight mothers are significantly higher than those of normal mothers, and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes in their children.
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