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Mediterranean atmosphere - 4 Italian family favorites

Mediterranean atmosphere - 4 Italian family favorites

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If we don't get to sunny Tuscany this time, we can recall the tastes at home. Italian specialties your family will love.

Gnocchi sorrentina (Tomato-mozzarella gnocchi)

White tomato soup with sun-dried tomatoes

Time to finish: 45 minutesWe met 4 people:
4-5 (60 dkg) ripe tomatoes
1.5 l of water

1 tablespoon of honey
3 eggs
1 tablespoon of white balsamic vinegar
2 dl of milk
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Tomatoes, dried on 3-4 (6-7 dkg) days, cut into thin strips Cold-shredded tomatoes with water, salt, honey, egg white and balsamic vinegar. Bring to the boil, stirring constantly, then cool off the heat and leave for a few minutes. We pour a rectangle of dense lumpy gas, sift the broth over it and bring to a boil. Then stir the cornstarch smoothly with the milk and strain the broth, then boil once more for a couple of minutes. If necessary, we will try it with salt, honey, balsamic vinegar. However, the sun-dried tomatoes cut into thin strips are filtered into the broth.

Aubergine peppers stuffed with turkey

Time to finish: 25 minutesWe met 4 people:
4 tablespoons virgin olive oil
1 Onion finely chopped
3 cloves of garlic cloves
1 whole turkey leg minced

Ground black pepper
Red pepper
2 leaves fresh marjoram leaves finely chopped
1 larger eggplant cut into small cubes
1 red chilli pepper cut into small cubes
2 medium tomatoes peeled and shaken
8 green peppers rolled in and cooked with boiled oil run the onions and garlic. Add the minced meat, seasoned with a little salt, pepper, red pepper and marjoram, and stir frequently. When the flesh is almost tender, mix in the smaller eggplants, the red chilli peppers and the tomato juice. Fry the ragout on a blanket. Make sure that the juice is cooked to the end of the pan. At the end of the day, put the peppers on top and place the eggplant turkey crust on top.

Gnocchi sorrentina (Tomato-mozzarella gnocchi)

Time to finish: 25 minutesWe met 4 people:
1 small onion finely chopped
2 tablespoons virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic cloves
5 tomatoes peeled, peeled and cut into cubes
50 dkg gnocchi

10 dg of mozzarella cut into small cubes
Cut 4 coarse leaves coarsely Run the onion in the olive oil, toss in the garlic and whisk for a minute. Then we put tomato in it. Gnocchi should be cooked in fine, salty water until it comes to the top of the water. Combine the pasta with the sauce, mozzarella and basil. If necessary, we will post it. The gnocchi is cooked with 40 dg of potatoes in salt water and then beaten with potato pulp, 10 dg of whole wheat flour, an egg and a little juice. Roll the rolls from the mass to a thickness of 2 cm and sprinkle with a little flour. Simmer in light, hot water for 3-4 minutes, then stir in a little olive oil.

Cream of apricot powder

Time to finish: 20 minutesWe met 4 people:
30 dg apricots marked and pitted
20 dkg tъrу
1 dl of milk
1 tablespoon agave syrup or other sweetenerWash the apricots, press with a fork, mix with volume and milk, and then mix with agave syrup. We put it in the refrigerator until now.They may also be interested in:
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